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  • Sức mạnh của sự tự tin

    Không biết các bạn có bao giờ nghĩ về những người thành đạt ở mọi lĩnh vực, coi thử họ có 1 điểm chung nhất là gì không? Các bạn ạ, đó là sự tự tin...

    Aug 10,2023
  • Attitudes towards Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence (Al) can already predict the future. Police forces are using it to map when and where crime is likely to occur...

    Jul 11,2022
  • Changes in reading habits

    What are the implications of the way we read today? Look around on your next plane trip...

    Jul 11,2022
  • Roman tunnels

    The Romans, who once controlled areas of Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor, adopted the construction techniques of other civilizations to build tunnels in their territories. The Persians, who lived in present-day Iran, were one of the first civilizations to build tunnels that provided a reliable..

    Jul 11,2022
  • Plant ‘thermometer’ triggers springtime growth by measuring night-time heat

    A photoreceptor molecule in plant cells has been found to have a second job as a thermometer after dark - allowing plants to read seasonal temperature changes. Scientists say the discovery could help breed crops that are more resilient to the temperatures expected to result from climate change..

    Jul 11,2022
  • Climate change reveals ancient artefacts in Norway’s glaciers

    Well above the treeline in Norway’s highest mountains, ancient fields of ice are shrinking as Earth’s climate warms. As the ice has vanished, it has been giving up the treasures it has preserved in cold storage for the last 6,000 years- items such as ancient arrows and skis from Viking Age* trad..

    Jul 11,2022
  • Roman shipbuilding and navigation

    Shipbuilding today is based on science and ships are built using computers and sophisticated tools. Shipbuilding in ancient Rome, however, was more of an art relying on estimation, inherited techniques and personal experience...

    Jul 11,2022
  • How to make wise decisions

    Across cultures, wisdom has been considered one of the most revered human qualities. Although the truly wise may seem few and far between, empirical research examining wisdom suggests that it isn’t an exceptional trait possessed by a small handful of bearded philosophers after all - in f..

    Jul 11,2022
  • I contain multitudes

    Wendy Moore reviews Ed Yong’s book about microbes. Microbes, most of them bacteria, have populated this planet since long before animal life developed and they will outlive us...

    Jul 11,2022
  • The White Horse of Uffington

    The cutting of huge figures or ‘geoglyphs’ into the earth of English hillsides has taken place for more than 3,000 years. There are 56 hill figures scattered around England, with the vast majority on the chalk downlands of the country’s southern counties...

    Jul 11,2022