Trò chuyện cuộc sống

  • Luke's English Podcast

    Luke’s English Podcast is an award-winning audio download for learners of English as a foreign language...

    Nov 12,2017
  • My ideal study space

    Many people have to study: for school, university or for work. So for this week's we're talking about our ideal study place...

    Jul 06,2015
  • What a wonderful world

    I think to myself what a wonderful world Quite simply wonderful..

    Jul 04,2015
  • Winter blues

    The image of the blue skies, the snow on the trees, it looks very attractive, but it's not really the case, is it? Winter is difficult...

    Jul 04,2015
  • Follow the flame

    7,300 of the torchbearers are just everyday people, people chosen by their community for making some kind of contribution; for example they're charity workers, or they're voluntary workers, teachers chosen by their school pupils. So basically the torchbearers are people who have helped other people i..

    Jul 04,2015
  • Please, sir

    I teach two 55 minute lessons then there's a half hour break, then another two 55 minute lessons. Then there's lunch and sometimes in the afternoon another two lessons...

    Jul 04,2015
  • British icons: the cuppa

    Tea was first grown and drank in China and the Chinese started drinking tea almost 5,000 years ago...

    Jul 04,2015
  • Spring is in the air

    If you're living in the Northern Hemisphere we want you to leave the city and head to the countryside because spring is here...

    Jul 04,2015
  • In a lather

    I think the first thing we discovered it's not too hard. But more importantly it's a great way to use up our extra olive oil...

    Jul 04,2015
  • The 5 senses

    We're talking about senses. The sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch...

    Jul 04,2015