Tin tức về Anh quốc

  • Valentine's Day

    It's that time of the year when couples show their love for each other by sending cards, flowers and chocolates. But Valentine's Day is not only about public displays of affection: in recent years it has also become big business...

    Jul 13,2015
  • Soap operas

    Watching TV is a very popular pastime in the UK. But what kind of programmes do British people like to watch? Well, the most-watched TV programmes every week are very popular dramas that are usually on at least four times every week...

    Jul 13,2015
  • Advent

    Christmas is the biggest festival in Britain and is celebrated on 25th December. The four weeks before Christmas are called Advent, and are traditionally celebrated in churches by lighting a candle each Sunday during Advent...

    Jul 13,2015
  • What to wear?

    One of the biggest shocks when you arrive in a new country can be the clothes people are wearing. You may look fashionable at home, but you suddenly find you are behind the times or simply someone to laugh at when you arrive abroad...

    Jul 13,2015
  • Freshers' week

    The UK has a well-respected higher education system and some of the top universities and research institutions in the world. But to those who are new to it all, it can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing...

    Jul 13,2015
  • Cycling

    What's the furthest you have ever cycled? Perhaps you cycle to school or to work, or maybe at most a short cycling trip with friends? How would you feel about spending months on the road travelling solo from the UK to China, by bike?..

    September 15,2008
  • Duchess - or Princess?

    he British actress Keira Knightley has rejected claims that her latest film The Duchess, a historical drama set in the 18th Century, parallels the life of Princess Diana...

    August 9,2008
  • Mamma Mia!

    The ever so-beloved West End musical Mamma Mia! has finally been taken from the stage to the silver screen...

    July 10,2008
  • Bond is back

    Fans of James Bond have been thrilled with the release of the new Bond book Devil May Care, which was published on 28th May 2008...

    June 5,2008
  • London's new Mayor Boris Johnson

    London has a new mayor, after its citizens voted in theConservative Party candidate Boris Johnson, ahead of Labour's Ken Livingstone...

    May 14,2008