Học nghe nói qua hội thoại

  • Social media at work

    We're going to be talking about the rise of social media and the impact it's having on the business world...

    Jul 06,2015
  • Running a small business

    What challenges, apart from the obvious financial ones, what kind of challenges do you face?..

    Jul 06,2015
  • The Shard

    Anyone who's seen it, it'Il immediately be apparent because it looks like a shard of glass or a shard of ice. Very sharp reaching up into the sky...

    Jul 06,2015
  • Customer service

    I think basic good customer service is if the service the company provides is excellent. We deal with Amazon and basically the website works, it’s very simple, we get things we buy so that’s excellent customer service cos it just works...

    Jul 06,2015
  • Buyer beware

    As other high street retailers struggle for survival, discount store Poundland is booming. So for this week's podcastsinenglish.com business podcast, we ask how can a company increase its profits by 50% when everything it sells costs just one pound...

    Jul 06,2015
  • What next?

    His staff describe Bin Laden as an irreplaceable leader, his death a crippling blow to Al Khaida. But that wasn't always the case. Before the word ‘deceased’ was stamped on his wanted poster the President often tried to downplay the significance of finding Osama bin Laden, dead or alive...

    Jul 06,2015
  • The perfect office, part 2

    Now I know you've worked in many different kinds of offices around the world. Um... what do you prefer: a private office or maybe a shared open space?..

    Jul 06,2015
  • The perfect office, part 1 extra

    Now a big talking point as far as office design is concerned is open- planning. Many people have problems with open-plan offices, don't they?..

    Jul 06,2015
  • My ideal study space

    Many people have to study: for school, university or for work. So for this week's podcastsinenglish.com we're talking about our ideal study place...

    Jul 06,2015
  • What a wonderful world

    I think to myself what a wonderful world Quite simply wonderful..

    Jul 04,2015