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My ideal study space

Many people have to study: for school, university or for work. So for this week's we're talking about our ideal study place.
Jul 06,2015

JackieMany people have to study: for school, university or for work. So for this week's we're talking about our ideal study place. Richard, when you study, where do you like to work?


Richard: Um… at home, for me, at home, in a room called the study [laughs]

Jackie: So, you don't like to work in a library?

Richard: Sometimes I… but I like at home.


Jackie: Mmm, I like the idea of being outside in a garden but to… to properly study it needs to be inside, I think. So you're in your study, what do you have there?


Richard: Obviously, the desk is the most important thing, with my computer.

Jackie: Ah, so you have your computer?

Richard: Definitely. You've got to have the computer, yes.


Jackie: My problem with the computer is that I have the Internet and if I work with my computer then I always read my emails…

Richard: Mmm, yes

Jackie: …do some googling, I can't have the computer.


Richard: It's difficult, but you do need it, you know, for research and things but um… that's where my desk is and that's where I like to study. Because my books are there as well.


Jackie: Right


Richard: All my books, on shelves um… so that's where everything is. My pens, paper, all the things I need, together, in one place so I can get to them very quickly.


Jackie: Mmm, I like to pick up my books and have everything that I need on the kitchen table so I can spread everything out on the kitchen table.


Richard: Right

Jackie: Er… and sit at the table… um… and then, of course, it's very easy for me to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea but I think you like drinking coffee.


Richard: Coffee, definitely.


Jackie: Richard, do you like listening to music when you study?

Richard: Sometimes

Jackie: Right


Richard: It's relaxing, and it is good but then sometimes you listen to the music and not to study, so that's a problem.


Jackie: Yes. I don't like listening to music which has got words and songs that I know. If I know the song, then the song is in my head.

Richard: And not your work, yes.

Jackie: So I never listen to music.

Richard: Right

Jackie: And Richard what about snacking? Do you like to eat when you study?


Richard: No, um… the crumbs! The bits of food from what you eat will get in your work. So, no, I don't think that's good.


Jackie: How about… how about studying with friends, with other people around?


Richard: No. Sometimes it's good to talk about things but erm… not really, no. I think to work hard you've got to be on your own.


JackieMmm, I quite like it if I'm at the kitchen table with my cup of tea, I'm happy to have a friend who is studying the same thing as me so that we can talk about things.


Richard: Yes, but you always talk about different things, don't you? And I don't think you can do as much if you've got your friends with you. I'm not sure about that.


Jackie: Okay, what about you, the listeners? What's your ideal study place? Why not write and tell us?


Richard: And where do you do our worksheets?


Jackie: Yes! Where do you study English, we'd like to know.