Học nghe nói qua hội thoại

  • Let's bake!

    One programme that's been very popular recently is a competition for amateur bakers to show off their baking skills...

    Jun 26,2015
  • Scott of the Antarctic

    The first person to the South Pole was a Norwegian called Roald Amundsen. And um… he got there and back in three months. But obviously the other expedition led by a British Royal Naval officer Captain Scott, even though he died, is in many ways more famous...

    Jun 26,2015
  • Ten to eleven

    I've asked three of my friends what were the highlights of 2010 for them and what are they looking forward to in 2011..

    Jun 26,2015
  • The accountant

    Fund Accountant. We prepare the glossy sets of accounts that you see for um... companies we prepare those... the figures and then send the figures to the printers, they print the accounts, we check the accounts so they are all printed correctly. Send them to the auditors for them to check them, then ..

    Jun 25,2015
  • Country life

    Richard and Jackie have recently moved to the country and it's the first time that they are not living in a town or city...

    Jun 18,2015
  • Household chores

    For this week we're talking about urghh household chores...

    Jun 18,2015
  • Mine’s a Mars bar

    What's your favourite chocolate bar now or when you were a child? Why don't you write in and tell us? We'd love to hear from you...

    Jun 18,2015
  • Chicken run

    An interesting topic about Chickens..

    Jun 18,2015
  • Bonfire Night

    To celebrate, King James 1 ordered the people of England to light a bonfire. Now every year on 5 November bonfires are built to remember the gunpowder plot...

    Jun 18,2015
  • (Oh, I do like to be) Beside the seaside

    The traditional British holiday is a seaside holiday...

    Jun 12,2015