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Travel company tells Danes to have sex on holiday

Passion inspired The Kiss, a sculpture by French artist Auguste Rodin
A Danish travel company claims that sending more couples to romantic cities like Paris could help them have more children. A new advertising campaign says that while a recent UN survey said Denmark was the happiest nation on Earth, it's not the sexiest. 
Jul 13,2015

In a video commercial, the company asks whether sex can 'save' Denmark. The country has a problem, it says. The birth rate is at its lowest for 27 years.

Amid images of empty playgrounds and old people, the company says it's concerned that the country won't be able to support its ageing population. 

Using a sexologist to support its thesis, the company claims that holidays in romantic destinations like Paris are good for the cause, as couples have 46% more sex while on vacation. 

It's offering what it calls an ovulation discount to women who supply details of their menstrual cycle so they can travel at their most fertile time. And it's staging a competition for those who can prove that they made a baby while on vacation. The prize? A supply of infant products and a child-friendly holiday



birth rate

number of births in a particular period of time in a specific place




expert in human sexual behaviour

menstrual cycle

the repeated process of changes in which a woman's body prepares to become pregnant


able to have children

child-friendly holiday

holiday which is suitable for children