IELTS Task 1 : Single

Sales in a college bookshop

The table below summarises some data collected by a college bookshop for the month of February 1998. Write a report describing the sales figures of various types of publications, based on the information shown in the table.
Dec 12,2018

The diagram unfolds the statistics about the sale of three categories of publications in a college bookshop for February 1998. Those books include fiction, non-fiction and magazines.

Generally speaking, the number of books sold to non-book club members was approximately twice as many as that to book club members, 2,063 and 1,057. At the same time, people bought much more magazines and non-fictions (1,682 and 1,290) than fictions. In detail, among non-club members, college students bought more publications (1,452) and members of public read less than college staff. As for different categories of books, members of public bought no fiction while the rest of people had similar numbers. While the biggest number of non-fiction bought by book club members (946), the favourite readings for college students were magazines (1,228) and the numbers of college staff members of Public and book club members decreased gradually (332; 85; 36).