Thư Viện

  • Humor

    Humor, the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement, affects how we perceive and respond to life...

    Oct 10,2013
  • Education

    Education encompasses both the teaching and learning of knowledge, proper conduct, and technical competency...

    Oct 10,2013
  • Stereotypes

    A stereotype is a fixed idea that people have about what specific social groups or individuals are like, especially an idea that is wrong. ..

    Oct 10,2013
  • Citizenship

    Citizenship is a sacred honor, a plaque we carry proudly on our chests and a burden pressing hard on our backs...

    Oct 10,2013
  • Brain Drain

    Brain drain, which is the action of having highly skilled and educated people leaving their country to work abroad, has become one of the developing countries concern...

    Apr 01,2013