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  • Whatever happened to the Harappan civilisation?

    New research sheds light on the disappearance of an ancient society. The Harappan Civilisation of ancient Pakistan and India flourished 5,000 years ago, but a thousand years later their cities were abandoned...

    Jul 11,2022
  • How baby talk gives infant brains a boost

    A The typical way of talking to a baby - high-pitched, exaggerated and repetitious - is a source of fascination for linguists who hope to understand how ‘baby talk’ impacts on learning. Most babies start developing their hearing while still in the womb, prompting some hopeful parents to play ..

    Jul 11,2022
  • The coconut palm

    For millennia, the coconut has been central to the lives of Polynesian and Asian peoples. In the western world, on the other hand, coconuts have always been exotic and unusual, sometimes rare...

    Jul 11,2022
  • Making the most of the trends

    Experts from Harvard Business School give advice to managers. Most managers can identify the major trends of the day...

    Jul 11,2022
  • Oxytocin

    The positive and negative effects of the chemical known as the ‘love hormone’. Oxytocin is a chemical, a hormone produced in the pituitary gland in the brain...

    Jul 11,2022
  • Bringing cinnamon to Europe

    A Cinnamon is a sweet, fragrant spice produced from the inner bark of trees of the genus Cinnamomum, which is native to the Indian sub-continent. It was known in biblical times, and is mentioned in several books of the Bible, both as an ingredient that was mixed with oils for anointing people’s bo..

    Jul 11,2022
  • Artificial artists

    Can computers really create works of art? The Painting Fool is one of a growing number of computer programs which, so their makers claim, possesses creative talents...

    Jul 11,2022
  • Why being bored is stimulating - and useful too

    We all know how it feels - it’s impossible to keep your mind on anything, time stretches out, and all the things you could do seem equally unlikely to make you feel better. We all know how it feels - it’s impossible to keep your mind on anything, time stretches out, and all the things you could ..

    Jul 11,2022
  • Case Study: Tourism New Zealand website

    New Zealand is a small country of four million inhabitants, a long-haul flight from all the major tourist-generating markets of the world. Tourism currently makes up 9% of the country’s gross domestic product, and is the country’s largest export sector...

    Jul 05,2022
  • Sunglasses

    1. Do people in your country wear sunglasses? 2. Where can you buy sunglasses? 3. Do you like to wear sunglasses?..

    Jan 04,2019