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  • Meteor hits Russia

    More than 400 people have been injured in Russia by an explosion caused by what seems to have been a meteor...

    Feb 04,2014
  • Justin Welby will be the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury

    The former Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby, will become the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury at a service at St Paul's Cathedral in London today, legally confirming his selection last year...

    Feb 04,2014
  • What does Europe want from Obama?

    According to one survey, 75% of Europeans would have voted for President Obama if they could, compared to only 8% who would have chosen the Republican Mitt Romney. But what does Europe want from Obama's second term?..

    Feb 04,2014
  • Half of all food wasted

    Up to half of the world's food is wasted due to inefficient production in poorer countries and over-fussy consumers in the rich world, says a new report from the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers...

    Feb 04,2014
  • Australian cigarette packaging

    Some Australian companies are giving away cardboard covers which hide photos of cancer-sufferers on plain cigarette packets. The authorities are investigating whether this breaks the new law on cigarette packaging...

    Feb 04,2014