Khoa học sức khỏe


Gruesome Medicine

Modern medicine it isn't, but at the time, it was the best that could be done--and perhaps may have new applications in our world. Examine how the leech was used as an ancient medical cure and test one on a live patient to see how much blood comes out. Travel to Spain to take a reading from a live torpedo fish and to do a pain test with the same level of electricity on a live volunteer. Investigate trepanning, the ancient Inca art of relieving pressure on the brain by cutting open a hole in the skull, as well as Roman battlefield surgery techniques and tools. Learn how snake venom was used as medicine in the ancient world--a technique that medics are re-learning today. Using replica tools and virtual surgery in the computer, see how brain surgery performed on Prince Henry V of England to remove an arrow from his skull--the first ever life-saving surgery ever performed on a historical figure.