Speaking IELTS part 2 & 3

Describe something interesting that your friend has done but you haven’t done yet

You should say:  


-     What it is 

-     When did your friend do it 

-     And explain why your friend wants to do it  

-     Why you have not done it yet 

Jan 01,2019

My close friend is a professional swimmer but I haven’t learn how to swim, which is a pitty.  Since my friend was a child, his father registered a course to learn swimming for him every

weekend. At this center, he had his own personal trainer who gave him step-by-step instruction to become a swimmer. After years practicing strenuously, he is now excellent at swimming and can swim in many ways.  


I think swimming is not a too difficult sport. Basically, swimming is just combination of your leg and arm motions and the natural floatation of the body. But swimming every day gives you a bunch of benefits. It helps you get into shape and build endurance because it provides an all-over body workout, as nearly all muscles are used during swimming. Additionally, you also feel liberal and flexible when you’re deep into the water. Finally, it is clear that swimming pool is an ideal place to escape from the extremely hot weather in the summer.


However, until now I haven’t learned how to swim yet, mostly because of two main reasons. Firstly, different from his parent’s view, my dad and mom prioritized my study at school and they wanted me to pass all exams with flying colours, so they thought playing any kind of sport is a waste of time. Secondly it is due to myself who are always lazy and hesitate to learn new things. This fear stops me from having even the first trial with swimming and I still regret about it until now.  


I think in some weeks, I will try to immerse myself in a swimming pool first to see how wonderful being in water is, then I will attend a course to learn to swim for adults. I cannot fly as a bird but I hope I will soon swim like a fish.