Speaking IELTS part 2 & 3

Describe a party that you attended

You should say:

-     When and where the party was.

-     Who attended the party.

-     What you did in the party.

-     Why you enjoyed the party.

Jan 01,2019

I can describe myself as a vivacious person, who is wild about parties and social occasions. Among all the parties that I have joined, my best friend’s birthday is still most memorable to me as it is so different from previous ones. 


In sharp contrast to me, who is the life and soul of the party, my bestie is an introverted person, so she only invited me and some other friends of us to be with her on such a special occasion. The event was held in a luxurious 5-star restaurant with balconies overlooking a stunning garden that I just wanted to feast my eyes on forever. 


With regard to the activities we did, as a normal procedure, we also cut a birthday cake and blew candles as it was the gift from the restaurant. What’s special was after that, we made up our mind to organize a pool party as we are all crazy about water. Then, we changed our dresses into swimsuits prepared before and jumped into the pool of the restaurant. There, we started singing insanely and also reminiscing about our friendship memories. We laughed and then cried a lot and went home after mid-night.


That party has left a deep impression on me as it provided me with a golden chance to tighten the bonds and catch up with my friends’ news. You know, normally, we are all up to our ears in work and study so we do not have so much time for each other. That was really a quality time that we will recall again and again in our next meetings.


Tạm dịch:


Có thể nói tôi là người hoạt bát và rất thích các bữa tiệc tùng hoặc các hoạt động xã hội. Trong số những bữa tiệc mà tôi đã tham gia, sinh nhật bạn tôi là bữa tiệc đáng nhớ nhất vì nó khác hẳn với những bữa tiệc trước. 


Trái ngược với tôi – một người rất hoạt bát và hoà đồng, bạn tôi lại là người khá nội tâm nên cô ý chỉ mời mỗi tôi và một vài người bạn khác tham gia bữa tiệc đặc biệt này. Sự kiện được tổ chức ở một nhà hàng 5 sao với ban công nhìn thẳng ra vườn rất đẹp đến nỗi tôi cứ muốn chiêm ngưỡng mãi. 


Như bình thường, chúng tôi cắt bánh sinh nhật rồi thổi nến, mà cái bánh này là quà của nhà hang. Điều đặc biệt đó là sau đó, chúng tôi có tổ chức một bữa tiệc dưới nước và chúng tôi đều rất thích nước. Chúng tôi thay quẩn áo tắm được chuẩn bị trước đó và nhảy xuống bể bơi của nhà hàng và bắt đầu hát như điên, nhớ lại những kỉ niệm của tình bạn. Chúng tôi cười cũng nhiều, mà khóc cũng nhiều và mãi đến nửa đêm mới về nhà. 


Bữa tiệc này đã để lại những ấn tượng rất sâu sắ với tôi vì tôi có cơ hội tuyệt vời để thắt chặt mối quan hệ và hỏi thăm những thông tin mới của bạn bè. Thường thì ai cũng bận học hoặc làm ý nên chúng tôi cũng không có quá nhiều thời gian dành cho nhau. Đây thực sự là một thời gian quý giá để tôi có thể nhắc đi nhắc lại trong những lần gặp tiếp theo. 


Part 3:


1. Which types of parties are popular in Vietnam?


Well, as far as I know, in addition to parties which are conventionally held in restaurants, hotels or at home, there is now a megatrend towards some more peculiar forms like pool parties, which are now fashionable all over the world, including Vietnam. Particularly, in a typical pool party, they will invite some celebrated singers or DJs to play music beside a pool where participants in colorful swimsuits make a toast to the host of the party and dance along to vibrant music.


2. Is it true that everybody likes parties? Why?  


Based on what I know, I can affirm that not everybody is party enthusiast, especially the elders. While most of the young have a soft spot for parties, middle-aged or senior citizens are often into more relaxed activities like playing chess or gardening. They also get together, but often in some Taichi or yoga clubs rather than dynamic parties. In addition, going to parties is also popular among extroverts than introverts when personality is taken into consideration.

3.  Is  it  true  that  children  always  like  birthday  cakes  with  candles  on  top?  Is  receiving

birthday cakes important in a birthday party?


I can’t say for sure but from my point of view, children today are still huge fans of birthday cakes with candles. Blowing out the candles, cutting a cake into pieces and then enjoying it have become a traditional but indispensable procedure in a birthday party. Especially to the young, who often have a sweet tooth, birthday cakes are their favorite food they often only eat on their birthdays, so they are of great importance. If they are not given a birthday cake on this special occasion, then this would be a big loss.

4. Do you prefer receiving emails or birthday cards on your birthday?


In comparison to emails which can be mistakenly erased or lost somewhere in the Internet, I  am much more into birthday cards because of two main reasons. Firstly, I love reading wishes that are written by hand as in some ways, it suggests that that person has put more efforts and emotions into expressing their affection for me. Secondly, it is also easier to keep cards and take them out sometimes to reminisce about memories than emails, something that belong to the virtual world, in my opinion.


5. How does alcohol affect the atmosphere of a party?


Well, personally speaking, alcohol can have both positive and negative impacts on a party, as a saying goes: “A coin has two sides”. If used moderately, alcohol can make parties more enjoyable as it lifts up the mood of participants. However, when it comes to heavy or binge drinking, it can sometimes lead to serious consequences like quarrelling or even fighting, which are quite commonly reported in news.


6. Is music important to a party?


In my opinion, when it comes to parties or get-togethers, entertainment is an integral part of every celebration. In fact, there’s nothing more important at a party than music. You know, music creates an ambiance, enhancing what is already there, and the get-together will feel a whole lot different due to ambient music. Moreover, almost everyone is music lovers. Sounds are pleasant to the hearing and they can mean so much. When guests hear a certain song that is played, they feel better. To sum up, a party cannot be successful without music.


7. For those who do dislike parties, what should they do?


Actually, there are many activities that they can engage in if they are not fanatical about parties. If they are still outgoing to some extent, they can opt for small informal meetings among their close friends only. This still can help them to catch up with and tighten the bond with their loved ones. In case they are kind of introverted, they can stay at home doing their favorite things or going somewhere they can enjoy their solitude.


8. Why do old people also like parties?


I think that most of the elderly are retired people, so they have quite a lot of spare time, and many of them are still keen on expanding their relationships or interacting with their peers, and parties can provide them a chance to do so. Another possible explanation is taking part in parties is also a great way to chill and enjoy life to the full to some old people.