Speaking IELTS part 2 & 3

Describe a sport that you have watched before and you want to try

You should say:  


-     What it is 

-     When you first watched the sport  

-     What you like about the sport  

-     And explain why you would like to try this sport

Jan 01,2019

I have to confess that I am not a sport lover and hardly take up any sports at all. But recently I  watched some competitions on TV in the ASIAD 2018 and was quite impressive with a common sport, which is swimming.  


Unlike other sports, there are no rules to follow when you swim. Basically, swimming is just combination of your leg and arm motions and the natural floatation of the body. To progress as a swimmer, you need to take up exercise and practice with a personal trainer as well as wear some special swimming costumes such as swim cap or glasses to protect your hair and eyes from chemicals in swimming pool.   


I came across a swimming competition when coming home from work and found my father stick his eyes to TV sreen. I guessed it should be something very spectacular or interesting and it drew my attention. I came closer to my TV and watched with him, and at the end I found it worth trying.  


I want to play this sport because of two main reasons. It helps me get into shape and build endurance because it provides an all-over body workout, as nearly all of my muscles are used during swimming. Additionally, I also feel liberal and flexible when I’m deep into the water. All daily stress and hardness are set aside when I come to swimming pool where my whole body and brain are released. Finally, it is clear that swimming pool is an ideal place to help me escape from the extremely hot weather in the summer.


All  in  all,  I  cannot  fly  as  a  bird  but  water  is  my  own  sky  where  I  feel  I’m  flying,  so  I  will definitely learn how to swim.