Bậc sơ cấp



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One cold winter morning, a famous movie star and her teenage daughter are driving along a country road...

A blue van is waiting for them. Tom is in the van, but he's not a kidnapper - he's an artist. He usually draws pictures for adventure stories. Now he's in a real life adventure.

  1. artist: a person who makes pictures
  2. comic strip: a stroy with pictures
  3. escape: to get away from something bad
  4. gun: a person can fight with this
  5. idea: something that you think
  6. maybe: perhaps
  7. winter: the time of year when it is very cold
  8. snow: something soft, cold and white
  9. bookstore: a shop for books
  10. coffee: people often drink this in the morning
  11. park: to stop driving and leave your car
  12. paper: you write on this
  13. fall: to go down suddenly
  14. map: a picture that show where things are
  15. draw: to make a picture with a pen or pencil
  16. tow truck: a big car that can pull your car when it isn't working
  17. cell phone: a phone that you carry with you
  18. bodyguard: a strong person who protected famous people
  19. van: a big car, with no side windows at the back
  20. famous: when many people know a person
  21. plan: when you get something ready to do later
  22. kidnap: to take someone away when they don't want to go
  23. real life: things that happens every day
  24. police: men and women who stop people doing bad things
  25. movie star: a famous person that you can see in moving pictures
  26. holiday concert: a school event in which the students sing and play music in front of other people
  27. boring: not interesting
  28. almost: nearly
  29. sure: when you feel something is true
  30. ice: water that is hard when it is very cold
  31. gas: gasoline or petrol, cars need this to work
  32. hurry: to do something quickly
  33. worried: not happy about something and thining about it a alot
  34. boss: the person that you works for
  35. place: where something is
  36. show: to help someone to see something
  37. magazine: a thin book with lots of pictures in it, you can buy it every week or every month
  38. kid: to say something that is not true
  39. throw: to make something move from your hand through the air
  40. pocket: the place in your coat where you can put things
  41. stupid: not thinking well
  42. smart: quick-thinking
  43. guy: man
  44. great: very good
  45. shout: to say loudly and angrily
  46. scream: to give a loud high cry because you are afraid
  47. shoot: to use a gun
  48. hurt: in pain and not able to move
  49. dangerous: that can kill you
  50. skid: to move without control when going over ice
  51. crash: a big noise when a car hits something and stops suddenly
  52. jump: to move suddenly from one place to a different place
  53. knock: to hit strongly
  54. close: near
  55. river: water that moves in a long line
  56. bridge: people can go across a river on this
  57. slip: to fall suddenly on ice
  58. swim: to go through the water moving your amrs and legs
  59. snowball: a ball that you make with snow and can throw at someone
  60. freeze: not to move
  61. police officer: a man or a woman that works for the police
  62. push: to move something quickly and strongly with your hands
  63. ground: we walk on this
  64. baseball: a game that lots of people play in America, one throws a ball and another person hits it with a bat
  65. pitcher: the person in a baseball team that throws the ball.